CAM’s mission is to provide an environment for transformation through educational programs, cultural experiences, and bold, non-traditional exhibitions by living artists.

CAM creates an environment for transformation. We engage people in themes and ideas relevant to life. The depth of conversations that are happening at CAM and in the community show that art is a vehicle for change.

Margaret Bowland’s Painting the Roses Red (on view through June 17th) exemplifies our mission. It confronts contemporary cultural challenges through deeply personal paintings that also question Western societal expectations of gender, race, power, beauty and identity.

We understand the art can be deeply personal. We want to ensure that everyone who visits CAM is able to view the work in its proper context.

Every exhibition is an opportunity to listen and learn. We will continue to create opportunities for conversations.

Come see us. CAM is proud to be a part of a robust, vibrant, and inclusive arts community and grateful that our community is engaged.

Thank you for believing in CAM.